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When I first read the claim that a papaya leaf dried and put in hot water makes a tea that can treat, slow down, or prevent cancer, I was highly skeptical. Having lost my mother, Julia Ruffin Robertson, to cancer when she was only 55, just at the point where she was becoming recognized for her work as both an artist and art historian (and certainly not because she had done anything to “deserve” cancer), my first thought was, “How dare this person make this claim”. My mother had lived the life of a saint; always two steps behind my father, holding him up and accompanying him to Africa because he wanted to be a missionary, only to succumb to cancer just at the most rewarding time of her life. So to me, the idea that a simple papaya leaf tea could perhaps have added years to her life was not anything to be taken lightly.


The purpose of this post is to disseminate information regarding how you and your loved ones can use natural medicine to overcome many different types of ailments, as well as helping to improve your general health and well-being.

I don’t think there is anybody reading this who would disagree that ANY improvement in memory is most welcome, and much appreciated by all! Well, how about a tremendous increase in memory – over 50% increase – and with absolutely minimal effort! This is now a reality as you will see, with no arduous “mental exercises” to perform, or other cognitive brain teasers. All you need do is pop a couple of small tabs daily, and YOU WILL see the benefits in memory in less than one month.

I have tried this wonder herb for over 4 months now and I have experienced what I estimate is at least 50% improvement in short-term memory functioning. I no longer need to write my “TO DO” lists every day, I just remember a lot of the things that I have to do – it is simply quite effortless! So what is this wonder herb that can improve memory by so much with so little effort? Read on, and I will reveal all her secrets!


Mood Lifters

Nutritional and Herbal ways to beat the blues

“…St. John’s wort can have a…beneficial effect on depression.”

Depression can be a response to stressful events, hormonal imbalances, biochemical abnormalities, or other causes. Mild depression which passes quickly may not require any diagnosis or treatment. From nutrients to herbs, there are many mood-lifting alternatives. But keep in mind that there’s a world of difference between an occasional funk and clinical depression—a physician, psychiatrist, or other health professional should be consulted for persistent or serious cases of depression.