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Make My Own Tonic Water

The recipe for making tonic water at calls for Cinchona powder however reading the blogs at that site I see everyone is talking about all the trouble filtering out the Cinchona powder. We at Herbal Advantage sell Cinchona Powder but we also sell Cinchona Cut – this is so much easier to filter out using a standard coffee filter. You might notice that Herbal Advantage also sells Citric Acid, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cloves, Ginger, Orange peel, Lemon Grass, and many other herbs and spices that will make wonderful flavored drinks. Please keep in mind that the more herbs and spices used the more color you will have in the final liquid. Some believe that color and bitterness are related they are not. The color particle is usually the larger size particle and easier to filter out but not with a coffee filter. Removing the color from a liquid takes a mechanical filtration system. The bitterness is from the Cinchona and may be reduced by using less of it. Another suggestion would be to add only the herbs and spices to the water and boil for ten minutes, stirring occasionally. Take the pan off the stove, cover and let steep for 30 minutes. After steeping, very carefully remove the lid and without stirring, pour through a coffee filter slowly. This may take several coffee filters to complete. When the filtration is complete add the citric acid and syrup. The longer you boil the herbs the easier it is to burn them therefor I suggest that you only boil for 10 minutes and then steep 30 minutes.

Far too many people have become dependent on over the counter cough syrups, hot medicinal drinks, and capsules designed to supposedly fight the common cold.

If you walk by the cold remedy section of your local pharmacy, you will discover shelves groaning from the weight of a myriad of rainbow colored bottles of modern-day snake oil that promises to relieve every cold symptom known to man.

Many of them are formulated to make us drowsy when taken before we go to bed, and some will help us doze a bit through the night but really do little to prevent a cold from running it’s methodical, diabolical course. Often users mistake the drug induced snooze as the remedy fighting the cold, but unfortunately it’s a smoke screen that only serves to hide the symptoms for a short time.