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June 15, 2017 This was just written by a woman who has been in business and is not at all happy with her Hospice care givers. Reprinted with her permission.

I am in a war. When you are dying the norm is that you should be a victim crying in the corner… and if you are happy, the joy killers will come after you….

Dying missives
From Webster’s Dictionary:
If you’re at a point where you feel like you need to coerce someone into doing something, it might be more civilized to just give up. To coerce is to manipulate, use aggressive arguments, pressure unfairly, or threaten — really, this isn’t very civilized behavior, is it? Handy synonyms for this verb Read more… »

Dr. Micozzi says I often report on the disturbing findings linking zero-calorie artificial sweeteners to the medical problems they are supposedly meant to prevent. Artificial sweeteners create weight gain, larger waistlines, and obesity. Furthermore, studies associate them with a higher risk of developing Type II diabetes. Just exactly how artificial sweeteners cause these problems has been a mystery. Theories run the gamut. Some say they increase the body’s craving for more sweet foods and sugars from other sources. Others say they alter brain chemistry. Still others say the artificial sweeteners cause some fundamental alteration in metabolism. Read more… »