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Alright this is how it is done. First you need a good quality bread. That $1.00 a loaf puffy stuff will never do. Get some good hardy bread that will hold together. Slather Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise thickly on one slice, set it on a plate. Cut a very thick slice of a Beefsteak type tomato and salt and pepper one side. Lay the tomato on the Mayonnaise and salt and pepper the other side. Now you want to slather Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise thickly on another slice of bread. Line it up and drop it in place. Grab this sandwich with both hands and chow down. The only way to improve on this is to have the bread freshly baked and the tomato freshly harvested and still warm from the sun. 😉

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This antibiotic will ruin you.
Posted on March 18, 2017 by mountainsandmustardseeds

Hi there, we need to talk. I have almost written this post at least 20 times and got too overwhelmed and abandoned it. Well here goes…

The antibiotics you took or are taking for your sinus infection, UTI, skin infection, laser eye surgery…ect…may have already damaged you.

Cipro, Levaquin, Avalox, nearly every generic ending in “quin”, “oxacin,””ox,”…are all part of a large family of antibiotics called “Flouroquinolones.” The FDA finally updated their warning on these antibiotics as of July 2016. They site “multiple Read more… »